Rock Springs City Council Agenda for January 21

Rock Springs City Council Agenda for January 21

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs City Council will hold their regular meeting on Tuesday, January 21 at 7 pm.

The meeting will take place in the Council Chambers in City Hall, at 212 D Street. The council will approve the minutes of the last regular meeting, which was held on January 7.

During the meeting, Mayor Timothy Kaumo will read a proclamation declaring January 2020 to be National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month in Rock Springs.

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Under new business, the council will consider a request from the Department of Engineering/Operations & Public services for permission to apply for a grant through the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, for flood mitigation measures on the Killpecker Creek Drainage.

The council will consider a resolution accepting an amendment to the Collective Labor Agreement between the International Union of United Mine Workers of America Local 4893 and the City of Rock Springs, regarding terms of the Union’s drug and alcohol testing program.

The council will also consider a resolution to support moving the Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition (SEDC) office from the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce to Sweetwater County and to pledge the City’s ongoing support of the SEDC.

You can view the complete meeting agenda here