Rock Springs City Council reminds residents lighting fireworks off in city limits is prohibited

Rock Springs City Council reminds residents lighting fireworks off in city limits is prohibited

Video is of the Rock Springs Wyoming municipal fireworks display 2013

ROCK SPRINGS – As the Fourth of July gets closer, the city of Rock Springs is reminding residents lighting fireworks in city limits is illegal after some residents voiced concern.

At the Rock Springs City Council meeting on Tuesday, Councilwoman Rose Mosbey brought these residents’ concerns to the rest of the council. Mosbey said she was approached by three constituents who spoke about the recent proclamation done by the city on responsible pet ownership. She said the three individuals spoke about how traumatized their pets get because of fireworks.

Mosbey said these constituents asked if the city would remind residents about the firework ordinance and that they are illegal to light off within the city. Mayor Carl Demshar said it is a big city and every year the Rock Springs Police Department works diligently to respond to firework calls and they will again this year.

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Along with the constituents concerns, Demshar gave an update on the responsible pet ownership committee he said he would form during the proclamation signing a couple of months ago.

Demshar said the city received a lot of interested residents willing to serve on the committee. This list was narrowed down to seven people.

These seven people were notified and the committee will have its first meeting this Thursday. Councilmen Billy Shalata and Tim Savage will both be council liaisons on the committee.

Council updates

Along with bringing the concerns to the council, Mosbey also reported to the council on the recent Historical Museum Board meeting she attended. Mosbey said the museum has again started work on the cemetery walking tour and Museum Board Member Cindy Nelson is leading the committee.

She informed the council the first committee meeting will be on June 30 and anyone who has an interest in being part of the committee is invited to participate.

The first committee meeting will be Monday, June 30 at 5:30 p.m. at the Rock Springs Historical Museum.