Rock Springs Girls Crowned Miss Wyoming and Miss Wyoming’s Outstanding Teen

Rock Springs Girls Crowned Miss Wyoming and Miss Wyoming’s Outstanding Teen

Miss Wyoming, Jordan Hardman, and Miss Wyoming's Outstanding Teen, Hannah Moore. Photo by Kerns Photography

ROCK SPRINGS— Two Rock Springs natives were crowned as Miss Wyoming 2019 and Miss Wyoming’s Outstanding Teen 2019 in Sheridan on Saturday, June 22, and will advance to compete at the national competitions.

Jordan Hardman, a senior at the University of Wyoming, was crowned 2019 Miss Wyoming. Hannah Moore, a senior at Black Butte High School, was crowned 2019 Miss Wyoming’s Outstanding Teen.

“I’m not sure how to put into words the feeling I have with one of my biggest dreams coming true. It’s indescribable,” Hardman said. “I worked so hard for so long and to hear my name be called was surreal.”

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Hardman started competing in pageants when she was 9-years-old, winning her first state title at 14-years old.

“I had met my first Miss Wyoming when I was on that journey and she sparked my interest in the Miss America Organization,” Hardman recalled. “She was so poised, intelligent, and just radiated confidence, and I wanted to be her.”

Hardman said she loves dressing up, but what Hardman really loves about participating in pageants is the opportunity to talk about issues she cares about.

“I love being able to speak about my passions and interests,” she said.

Left: Hardman with Miss Wyoming 2011. Right: Hardman just a few minutes after she was crowned.

This was Moore’s first pageant and she enjoyed every moment of it.

“It was a great opportunity to grow my own personal strengths,” Moore said.

How does it feel to win at her very first competition?

“I don’t think it’s set in yet, it’s still very overwhelming. It’s surreal,” Moore said of being crowned. She added that it’s strange seeing herself all over news sites and social media.

Making a Positive Change

Part of the Miss Wyoming competition includes developing a social impact to help make a positive difference for their communities.

Connecting Veterans and Children

Hardman’s social impact is “Bridging History: Vets Who’ve Lived It, Children Who Need It,” which includes three points of focus.

First is the history aspect, in which children are able to speak to people who lived through the country’s history. Second involves the social circles of each group.

“I open up these two very different groups to each other and have them interact and see life from one another’s perspective,” Hardman said.

The third point of focus is on the mental and emotional health of both the kids and the veterans.

“They can help each other out of those emotions and mental issues that they might be dealing with in their own lives,” she said.

Hardman partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters and The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, and she had an event with them a couple days before Memorial Day.

“Veterans came and talked and played games with these kids and it was such a special moment for me to see this come together,” Hardman said. 

Hannah Moore after being crowned Miss Wyoming’s Outstanding Teen 2019.

I Am Enough

Moore’s social impact is titled “I Am Enough” and is aimed at empowering young girls.

“I just want to encourage young girls and tell them you’re enough. They don’t need to be anyone besides themselves,” Moore said.

Moore said she is shy and introverted and was homeschooled for a few years. When she started going to school, she experienced bullying.

“I was bullied, being told that I need to be someone I’m not. When I got into high school I learned I just need to be myself because I am enough as a person,” Moore said.

National Preparations

Next up for Hardman and Moore are the national competitions. The Miss America competition is slotted for September and will be back on NBC. The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competition will be toward the end of July.

Hardman and Moore will be preparing until then, perfecting their talents, interviews, and stage questions.

“And all of the shopping of course,” Hardman said. “One of my favorite parts.”