Rock Springs Asks Residents to Sign up for Surveys

Rock Springs Asks Residents to Sign up for Surveys

ROCK SPRINGS — The city of Rock Springs is asking residents for one minute of their time to provide valuable input for upcoming discussions and decisions. The city has recently partnered with FlashVote, a scientific survey service provider that works with cities across the country.

“It is very important for city elected officials to have input from the citizens which we represent and FlashVote is a tool that allows communication between our residents and those who are tasked with making decisions,” Rock Springs Mayor Timothy Kaumo said.

The surveys are five questions or less and take no more than one to two minutes to complete.
Future surveys are expected to cover a wide range of topics such as budgeting, sidewalks, park
amenities, and more.

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“This communication and public input will help guide our city forward during the good times
and the not so good times, as we are currently dealing with,” Kaumo said. “Decisions regarding the safety, welfare and quality of life in Rock Springs are not taken lightly and the decisions made during these times of revenue shortfalls, caused by reduced sales tax revenues, are decisions that we need to make together as a community,”

When residents sign up, they determine how surveys are received — whether by email, text or phone call. They will receive a notification whenever there is a new survey, and they will have 48 hours to participate before voting closes. Once the survey is closed, everyone who participated will receive the results and will see how his or her responses compare to the group.

Residents can sign up at in about one minute. User information is kept
anonymous by FlashVote and is not shared with the City or anyone else. Those who choose to
participate can also opt out at any time.

“You can have a voice in the decision making process by participating in the FlashVote surveys,” Kaumo said.