Rock Springs Police Department Warns Residents Of Scams

Rock Springs Police Department Warns Residents Of Scams

The Wyoming Highway Patrol reports a scam alert that is particularly cruel around the holiday season.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Police Department is advising Sweetwater County residents to beware of scams.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the RSPD wants to remind citizens to be cautious of scammers. Scams comes in many different forms, but each scam is a way to rid you of your money or your personal information.

Chief Dwane Pacheco reminds citizens, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. With new technology coming out every day, scams are growing in type and frequency and you should be wary of receiving phone calls asking for your money or information.”

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A few examples of scams that RSPD has recently responded to are listed below:

  • Callers claiming to be the IRS and that the citizen must pay money or they will be arrested
  • Callers claiming a family member is incarcerated in a foreign country and they must pay to release him/her
  • Callers claiming that they are a deputy or represent a law enforcement official and you have a warrant for your arrest
  • Callers claiming that your computer has problems and they have contacted you to fix them by you allowing them access
  • Callers claiming to work for the U.S. Treasury Department and that legal action is about to be taken against you unless you return the call to “work something out”
  • Callers claiming that you have won a sum of money, but you must send a portion of the money to a third party through a wire transfer

Public awareness is the best way to help prevent loss of information and money from any scam.

Please talk with your friends and relatives about any scams you might encounter, and inform them and everyone else as a way to help prevent others from losing money.

Alison Deters, Public Information Officer, encourages citizens to call RSPD if you encounter a new scam.  She said, “Because recovering money from many scams is near impossible, we would rather respond to a call asking us to confirm it is a scam, then respond to a call after you lose money.”