Rock Springs Police Investigate Gel Blaster Tik Tok Challenge Incidents

Rock Springs Police Investigate Gel Blaster Tik Tok Challenge Incidents

RSPD says the incidents have occurred throughout the week at various location around town.

ROCK SPRINGS — Officers from the Rock Springs Police Department responded to multiple calls regarding individuals shooting gel beads from gel blaster weapons at individuals and vehicles this past week.

These incidents occurred throughout the week of March 14 at various locations around town. The RSDP is aware of the recent TikTok Gel Blaster Challenge, and would like to remind all citizens that use of these and other similar weapons within city limits is a violation of Rock Springs City Ordinance 3-311, Discharging Firearms.

If violated a person will receive a “must- appear” citation which carries a maximum fine of $410.

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Municipal Ordinance 3-311 states the following:

3-311 Discharging Firearms.

It shall be unlawful for any person to fire or discharge any cannon, gun, BB gun, air gun, pellet gun, bow and arrows, cross bow, fowling-piece, pistol or firearms of any description, or any device that propels or ejects any type of projectile; or fire, explode, or set off any other thing containing powder or other combustible or explosive material, within the limits of the City of Rock Springs, without written permission of the Mayor or City Council, which permission shall limit the time of such firing and shall be subject to revocation by the Mayor or Council at any time after the same has been granted. This section shall not apply to specifically designated areas within any indoor shooting range authorized pursuant to Chapter 13 of these ordinances. (Ord. No. 20, Art. I, Section 13, 8-4-04; 15-6, Rev. Ord. 1938; Rev. Ord. 1963; Ord. No. 90 01, 9-4- 90; Ord. 2017-08, 7/5/17).

Additional charges are possible for all individuals involved and more information will be forthcoming regarding these incidents. Individuals involved in these incidents are also responsible for any property damage. The Rock Springs Police Department reminds the community that all persons are innocent until proven guilty.