Rock Springs Will Not Go to Ballot for 6th Penny Due to COVID-19

Rock Springs Will Not Go to Ballot for 6th Penny Due to COVID-19

ROCK SPRINGS– On March 25, Rock Springs Mayor Tim Kaumo sent a letter to the Sweetwater County Commissioners letting them know they would not be moving forward with the Specific Purpose Tax Ballot Initiative (SPT), or 6th Penny.

Due to the economic uncertainty caused from the COVID-10 Coronavirus pandemic, the City of Rock Springs has decided to suspend the initiative.

“The trying times of economic prosperity rely solely on the vaccination and remediation of the novel coronavirus epidemic, with most reports indicating such a resolution unavailable through the end of the year if not longer,” Mayor Kaumo wrote in the letter.

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With local businesses having to shut their doors amid the pandemic, the Rock Springs City Council does not believe now is the time to be imposing a SPT on the residents.

“It seems irresponsible to impose a tax on our constituencies during times of unemployment rise, and global market fall,” Mayor Kaumo wrote.

He acknowledged the efforts made by all involved parties toward the 6th penny initiative, however he said he and the Rock Springs City Council believe they owe the residents of Rock Springs consideration and understanding during these tough economical times.

“In the eyes of our Council, we feel we owe it to our citizens to suspend the initiative and help one another get back on their feet. Perhaps such a decision will be respected to a point wherein the tax will have another opportunity for success when time prevails,” Kaumo said.

The Council will vote to ratify their correspondence to the commissioners relaying their decision to suspend their SPT initiative efforts.

The commissioners will host a discussion about the 6th penny tax tomorrow during their regular meeting.