Rock Springs Woman Celebrates 99th Birthday

Rock Springs Woman Celebrates 99th Birthday

Today was a special day for longtime Rock Springs resident Florence Ronick. Not only was one of the Deer Trail Assisted Living community rooms decorated with purple and confetti-filled balloons, banners, and signs, but out in front of the facility was a huge sign saying “Happy 99th Birthday Florence.”

Family, friends, fellow church members, and even Rock Springs Mayor Max Mickelson gathered this afternoon to wish Florence a happy birthday, give her a card, flowers, a hug or a kiss on the cheek.

Florence, who was wearing a beautiful crown, sash, and boutonniere, greeted all of her guests saying “I want to thank everyone for coming.”

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“I didn’t know I was thought about that much,” Florence said.

To that, people responded with clapping and shouts of “We love you.”

Mayor Mickelson said he wanted to stop by and congratulate someone who contributed so much to the City of Rock Springs over her many years.

“Happy birthday and I look forward to seeing you again next year,” Mickelson said.

Many asked Florence what her tips are for longevity, but she didn’t have any to give.

Her son Ron Ronick said it just sort of runs in the family. Florence had a grandmother who lived to be 102 and many aunts who were all in their 90s.

Ron said his mother and his dad were the proud owners of Ted’s Supper Club for 45 years. Those who overheard his comment said, that was the place to get “the best steak in town.”

Ron said she made her own clothes, knitted too many afghans to count. Florence was always busy doing something.

“It’s hard to believe she’s 99 years old,” Ron said.

Those attending Florence’s birthday party were treated to ice cream, good conversations and walks down memory lane.

We at SweetwaterNOW want to wish Florence a Happy Birthday!