RSHS and GRHS Students Named to All-State Band


SWEETWATER COUNTY– Several Rock Springs High School and Green River High School students have been named to the All-State Band list, and will travel to Evanston to perform at All-State Band in January. They will perform from January 14 to 16.

Rock Springs High School

  • Esther Bae- First Year Flute
  • Xenia Crosby- First Year Flute
  • Terence Davis- Second Year Euphonium
  • Kameron Hale- Second Year Percussion
  • Alyssa Jordan- Second Year Flute
  • Antonina Klatka- Third Year O-Flute
  • Mathew Kozlowski- First Year Percussion
  • Makayla Kramer- Second Year Clarinet
  • Fabian Martinez- First Year Flute
  • Colin Murcray- First Year Trumpet
  • Sean Pinkham- Second Year O-Clarinet
  • Rachael Pinkham- First Year Trumpet
  • John Prevedel- Third Year Alto Sax
  • Alicia Stevens- Fourth Year Horn
  • Lydia Townsend- Third Year Trombone
  • Keian Willingham- Third Year Flute


Green River High School

  • Samuel Bayles- Third Year Trombone
  • Brad Eveatt- First Year Tuba
  • Ashlie Gold- Third Year Flute