RSHS Invested Student of the Month: Liberty Eddy

RSHS Invested Student of the Month: Liberty Eddy

Liberty Eddy was nominated as one of the September Invested Students of the Month by the Rock Springs High School Administration.

“Liberty Eddy is a Junior Cheerleader, new to RSHS this year from Utah.  During Tiger Town Bash, as we made our way back to the high school, Liberty and I noticed a young lady who was a band member, hunched over and having trouble breathing and walking back up to the school. Liberty and I stopped to check on her. Liberty offered her arm for the young lady to lean on and assisted her, while we made our way back up to the high school. On the walk up, Liberty asked the young lady her name and engaged in
some friendly conversation along the way.

The young lady needed a few breaks as we made our way and Liberty was patient and kind as the young lady gained her strength, again Liberty encouraged her to lean on her as we walked. The young lady had marching band practice as soon as we got back to the high school, so Liberty asked my permission to assist the young lady all the way back to the football field to ensure she made it to practice safely.

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The kindness that Liberty showed to another student that she did not know embodies what we want the Tiger Athletes to represent.”

– Rock Springs High School Administration

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