RSNB Wins Pride of Place Award From Rock Springs Beautification Committee

RSNB Wins Pride of Place Award From Rock Springs Beautification Committee

ROCK SPRINGS – The Rock Springs Beautification Committee, a committee of the Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Board, would like to announce the winner of the 4th Quarter Pride of Place Award program, RSNB.

About RSNB

RSNB Bank recently celebrated 125 years of service and commitment to our community and the surrounding area.

RSNB Bank has always had a deep love and commitment to Downtown Rock Springs and its residents and in August of 2006, the bank building at 333 Broadway was replaced by a brand new main office at 200 Second Street.

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The main office of RSNB Bank is made up of 2 stories and 31,573 sq. ft. The West Branch at 1987 Dewar Drive was opened in 1997.

In 2014, John W. Hay III retired as President and long standing Chief Financial Officer, Ben K Hansen, was appointed president. RSNB is the only locally-owned, community bank in Rock Springs.

About Pride of Place Awards

The Pride of Place Award Program is designed to recognize Rock Springs businesses whose properties reflect pride of ownership and commitment to the beautification of the city, thereby contributing in a positive manner to the overall appearance of Rock Springs.

The Rock Springs Beautification Committee, a committee of the Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Board is comprised of representation from the Rock Springs Chamber, Wyoming Business Council, City of Rock Springs, and Western Wyoming Community College. They selected RSNB based on the visual appeal and regular upkeep of their property.

On a quarterly basis, The Rock Springs Beautification Committee selects a commercial property to receive the Pride of Place Award within the city.

“The physical appearance of the city, and the businesses and residential properties within it, provide a critical first impression to visitors from outside of the area. This committee would like to recognize those property owners for their efforts in maintaining their properties in a visually appealing way and for truly conveying pride of place. These efforts not only effect the impression given to a visitor, but they also create a contagious sense of pride for local residents as well,” said Jenissa Meredith, Executive Director, Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Board.

How to Nominate

Pride of Place nominations are open to the public. All nominated properties will be considered.

Potential nominees may have made substantial improvements to the exterior of their buildings/homes and/or landscape in the last year or have consistently maintained their properties in an attractive and well-kept manner.

Please contact the Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism office at 307-382-2538 for more information or with any questions.

Nominations may be emailed, mailed, or delivered in person to:

Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Beautification Committee
404 N. Street Ste. 304
Rock Springs, WY 82901

*Please include name of business, contact information, and address.


First Row Left to Right
Brady Anderson : RSNB – Landscaping Specialist
Ozzie Hay: RSNB – Vice President
Jenissa Meredith: Sweetwater County Travel & Tourism – Executive Director

Second Row Left to Right
Linda McGovern: RSNB – Mortgage Loan Officer and Sweetwater County Travel & Tourism – Board Member
Dave Hanks: Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce – CEO
Rebecca Eusek: Wyoming Business Council – Regional Representative
Chad Banks: Rock Springs Main Street/URA – Director
David Tate: WWCC – Director of Community Relations & City of Rock Springs – Councilor

Third Row Left to Right
Mayor Demshar: City of Rock Springs
Paul Kauchich: City of Rock Springs
Mark Lyon: City of Rock Springs