RSPD Announces Officer of the Year

RSPD Announces Officer of the Year

Rock Springs Police Detective Abel Loredo was named the 2020 Officer of the Year. RSPD Chief Dwane Pacheco presents Detective Loredo with an award.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Police Department (RSPD) has announced that Detective Abel Loredo is the 2020 Officer of the Year.

Throughout 2020, Detective Loredo went above and beyond his normal duties and demonstrated selfless sacrifice for the department, the RSPD stated in a release. Using his bilingual skills, speaking English and Spanish, he has been called upon numerous times to translate for citizens that speak only Spanish and to translate the department’s press releases into Spanish.

Detective Loredo also initiated a Facebook Live public service program for the department’s Facebook, giving advice and needed information to the public that will continue for years to come, according to the department.

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In addition to his investigative caseload, he has gone above and beyond to ensure the department’s newly organized Honor Guard, is equipped, trained, and performs at a high standard at all times. He was a major force in implementing the departmental ceremonial Class A uniform, which when worn at departmental functions this year has brought positive feedback from community members, according to the release.

He led the organization of the 2nd RSPD’s Annual Awards Program and made the award certificates to be presented at the program. The awards program, Class A uniforms, and honor guard is a positive reflection on the department and its professional commitment to the residents of Rock Springs.