Sandbags Available at Select Locations in Rock Springs

Sandbags Available at Select Locations in Rock Springs

The sandbags will be available at various locations around Rock Springs and a contingency plan is in place to make them available in Green River and other locations around the county.

ROCK SPRINGS — In an effort to mitigate any further flooding issues due to continued heavy rainfall in Rock Springs tonight through the weekend, emergency management, in coordination with county and city officials, announce sand and sandbags are now available and free to the public.

The sandbags will be available at the following locations:

  • The vacant lot at the corner of White Mountain Boulevard and Sweetwater Drive
  • The vacant lot next to (west of) the Rock Springs Family Recreation Center across from Whitewater Drive
  • The Veterans Park parking lot, located at 100 North Side Belt Route
  • The vacant lot at the corner of Blair Avenue and Alder Street.

These locations are unstaffed, and area residents will need to bring a shovel or other tools to bag and haul their own sand.

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Those taking advantage of this free resource are asked to take only as much sand and as many sandbags as they need. The average home can be effectively protected with approximately 20 to 25 sandbags, according to emergency management.

SCEM also has contingencies in place to deliver pre-filled sandbags in a timely manner should flooding issues arise in Green River or any of the other outlying communities in the county over the coming days.

Officials ask residents to use caution while filling, carrying, and hauling sandbags. Filling sandbags is a two-person operation.

Other helpful tips include:

  • Bags should only be filled 1/2 to 2/3 full and tied at the top so the bag will lay flat when put in place.
  • Bags should be placed flat on the ground, overlapped, tamped into place, and stair-stepped, much like the pattern of bricks in a wall.
  • Focus on placing your sandbag barriers around the most common entry points where water may enter your home.

While sandbags will not seal out water, if filled and placed properly, they are a simple and effective way of preventing or reducing flood water damage.