SCSD No. 2 Approves Budget for 2021-22 School Year

SCSD No. 2 Approves Budget for 2021-22 School Year

GREEN RIVER — The Sweetwater County School District (SCSD) No. 2 Board of Trustees unanimously approved and adopted the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 budget Tuesday night.

Total appropriations for the budget is $56 million. Significant factors that affected the budget included the Average Daily Membership (ADM) and the assessed valuation.

According to SCSD No. 2 Business Manger Chris Dean, the school district faced a loss of 86 ADM. That is up from a loss of 53 in FY2021. ADM is a count of students who attend schools within the district each day. Dean said the assessed valuation decreased by 17 percent to $818 million.

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“If your local resources go down, which they did in this case this year due to our assessed valuation, the state resources go up. The state entitlement is going to pay 30 percent of our guarantee rather than 20 percent,” Dean said.

The Wyoming Legislature did not pass any new legislation regarding education this past year, so the district is only being impacted by the FY2020 legislative session. Dean said there is a cost adjustment of $245,787 due to FY2020 legislative action, and that Special Education returned to 100 percent reimbursement this year.

The total appropriations for the general fund are $40.17 million. Dean said this is an increase of about 3.6 percent, or $1.4 million. About 82.9 percent of the appropriations in the general fund are dedicated to salaries and benefits, while about 17.1 percent is dedicated to non-salary purposes.

Appropriations for the special revenue fund total about $5.7 million, the debt service fund appropriations total $87,197, and the food service fund totals $1.75 million.

Dean said that due to the NSL Seamless Summer Option, which provided meals to youth ages 2-18 for free, the reimbursement will stay the same this year as it was last year. The district was able to fund food services without a subsidy to the general fund for this year.

However, Dean noted that this probably won’t be the case next year, so they will have to do a subsidy again.

The major maintenance fund appropriations total $3.9 million, capital projects totals $1.09 million, the recreation board appropriations total about $785,828, and the equipment fund equals about $1.6 million.

The total mill levy decreased about 1.5 mill from last year to total 44.70 mill. Additionally, the voluntary mill levies are as follows:

  • Sweetwater BOCES (.5 mill): $409,026
  • BOCES Region 5 (.2mill): $163,610
  • Recreation Board (1.0 mill): $818,052

“I know we still have work to do but this is a good budget,” Dean said. “I think it came out well.”

Other Business

The Board of Trustees approved four new hires during their meeting Tuesday night. All of the new certified staff have been hired for Lincoln Middle School. Amy Covington and Daniel Mitchelson were both approved to teach science, and Patricia Mitchelson was approved to teach Special Education math.

Kimberly Lenhardt was also approved for a one-year contract to teach STEM at Lincoln.