SCSD No. 2 Unveils New Renovations at Lincoln Middle School

SCSD No. 2 Unveils New Renovations at Lincoln Middle School

Board of Trustees Steve Core and Brenda Roosa, and SCSD No. 2 Superintendent Craig Barringer cut the ribbon on the new renovations at Lincoln Middle School.

GREEN RIVER — Sweetwater County School District No. 2 (SCSD No. 2) hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday night to unveil newly finished renovations at Lincoln Middle School.

Groathouse Construction, a Wyoming-based company, completed the renovations. Groathouse Construction is also responsible for projects such as the Green River High School Aquatics Center, Central Office, Green River High School, and the ongoing phases of renovations at Lincoln Middle School.

“One thing I appreciate about Groathouse is they put a good effort into using local workers,” SCSD No.2 Board Chairman Steve Core said.

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The funding for the project came from the Wyoming Schools Facility Department.

“They’ve done some great things for our schools,” Core said.

This is the third phase of projects being done at Lincoln Middle School. The previous phase’s renovations included new flooring and remodeling the home economics room. This time around, they remodeled some of the science rooms, the staff break rooms, several bathrooms, and the Professional Learning Community (PLC) room.

The next phase of renovations will be a remodel of the locker rooms downstairs.

Lincoln Middle School Principal Matt Mikkelsen said the staff break room was remodeled to allow more space.

“With a staff as big as we have now, we opened this up to give them a little more room,” Mikkelsen said.

The bathrooms were remodeled.
The PLC room was remodeled.

The PLC room, where teachers gather into groups and work collaboratively to improve their teaching skills and the academic performance of students, is now where the old front office used to be. The front office doors were left in place so students can see teachers in the room as they walk by.

“We really wanted to leave it open for the kids so they can see that our staff is in here learning too,” Mikkelsen said.

The front office has been located at the other end of the school for a year now, so there is only one point of entry at Lincoln Middle School.

“Before, a person could come in through the front door and go upstairs, downstairs, left or right, so we had no idea where they were before they would come into the office. Now that security has been cleaned up,” Mikkelsen said.

This phase of the project is officially completed and only one more phase is left to go.