Setzer Bond Set At $900,000 For Attempted First-Degree Murder

Setzer Bond Set At $900,000 For Attempted First-Degree Murder

Setzer asked the court for compassion, but bond has been set at $900,000. His preliminary hearing will take place on September 4.

GREEN RIVER — Bond was set at $900,000 today in Sweetwater County Circuit Court for 39-year-old Green River resident Bradley Setzer, who has been charged with attempted first-degree murder after allegedly firing a gun at his wife on Sunday evening.

Setzer made his initial appearance this afternoon in front of Circuit Court Judge John Prokos. The hearing was done via video conferencing from the Sweetwater County Detention Center.

Setzer was arrested Sunday night after Jessica Setzer called in a domestic violence report. In today’s hearing, Prokos also said Setzer would be charged with resisting arrest after allegedly leaving the scene and getting stopped by Green River Police Officers.

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Prosecutor Asks for Higher Bond

Prokos said in cases like these bond is usually established around $250,000. But prosecuting attorney Teresa Thybo requested bond be set at $1,000,000 based on the evidence gathered from the scene Sunday night.

“The state feels like that bond amount is much too low,” Thybo said. “Mr. Setzer has another pending case that illustrates he cannot follow court orders.”

According to Thybo, Setzer is facing another domestic violence charge in which he allegedly broke Jessica Setzer’s nose in a dispute back in May. Part of his court orders on that charge prohibited him from possessing any firearms or consuming any alcohol.

Investigators found 11 guns in the Setzer’s home following his arrest Sunday night, according to Thybo.

“Jessica Setzer has chemical burns on her face, and a face full of glass. She may never be able to see out of one of her eyes. If she hadn’t moved a fraction of an inch, she would be dead today.”

Sweetwater County Prosecuting Attorney Teresa Thybo

Thybo told the court that Jessica’s mother was with her at the time of the alleged shooting, but neither had cell phones on them to call for police. She was able to reach her neighbors across the street to finally call for emergency help.

She also said four officers needed to engage Setzer to get him out of his car and to the ground when he was stopped Sunday evening, illustrating his strength and irascible nature.

Setzer Asks for Compassion

Setzer asked Prokos to keep his bond at $250,000 so that he would not lose his job, house or family. He said he has worked at Genesis Alkali for the past 13 years.

“You can put an ankle bracelet on me, order me to stay at my parents’ house, whatever you need to do,” Setzer told Prokos. “I don’t know if the court has any compassion for me or can take pity on me, but I will lose everything if the bond is $1,000,000.”

Prokos Concerns

Judge Prokos said that he was concerned about Setzer’s ability to follow court orders after his pending case showed otherwise. Prokos said Setzer violated his “no firearms or alcohol” stipulations on his initial domestic battery charges, and because of that, he felt compelled to set the bond at $900,000.

“So, that’s the best you can do for me here?” Setzer asked Prokos as he was closing the proceedings. Prokos did not reply and closed the hearing after the remark.

Setzer told the court he would be getting his own attorney. Prokos told him that he needed to have legal council established by September 3 at 9 a.m. Setzer’s preliminary hearing has been set for September 4. The time for the hearing had not been established at this posting.