Southwest Counseling Encourages You to Drink Less for Your Breasts

Southwest Counseling Encourages You to Drink Less for Your Breasts

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Did you know that alcohol increases your risk for breast cancer?

Most people don’t! Never the less, it is true.

That’s why public health institute and ARG has created a website to advertise this information. The campaign is called Drink Less for Your Breasts. The website is filled with information and helpful resources. The website mentions and defines what is a drink, how it works, what’s the risk, and supplies links to different types of resources.

So how many drink do you have a week? It doesn’t matter what type of alcohol it is. If you have 1 drink a week, then that increases your chances of developing breast cancer by 2%. 3 drinks, 6%. 5 drinks 10%. It is important to mention that each person is affect by alcohol differently.

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Regardless of individuality, alcohol messes with a bunch of things happening in your body. Things like estrogen and folate levels. Not to mention that once consumed your body breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde which is known to cause cancer.

All of this information was provided by the Drink Less for Your Breasts campaign. A bunch more information can be found here! Alcohol caused 19,345 individuals to develop breast cancer last year, don’t let your drinking get in the way of your living!

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