Special Weather Statement for Windy Conditions in Sweetwater County Continues

Special Weather Statement for Windy Conditions in Sweetwater County Continues

This is just a few of the many semi trucks that blew over on January 13 on Interstate 25 due to high wind gusts. U.S. National Weather Service Riverton Office Facebook photo

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Well folks, Sweetwater County residents will need to hold onto their hats again today.

The United States National Weather Service (NWS) has once again issued a Special Weather Statement for windy conditions in Sweetwater County. This is the second day in a row the NWS has issued a windy condition statement for the area. According to the statement, Sweetwater County can expect “very windy” conditions today.

Westerly wind gusts between 25 to 35 mph are expected to continue until around 5 pm today. Wind gusts up to 50 mph are also anticipated.

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Due to high wind gusts, residents can expect to see travel impacted, especially those with light or high profile vehicles. Yesterday, January 13, the Wyoming Department of Transportation closed portions of Interstate 80 and Interstate 25 after semi trucks and trailers were blown over.

Portions of Sweetwater County reported high wind gusts yesterday. The Red Desert area reported a 61 mph wind gust, while Reliance reported a 60 mph gust. Both the Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport and southeast Rock Springs reported a 56 mph gust. Green River reported 52 mph wind gusts.

This graph shows just how high wind gusts were in Sweetwater County on January 13. National Weather Service Information.

While Sweetwater County felt the impacts of the high wind gusts yesterday, other areas of the state saw even higher gusts.

Atlantic City reported the highest wind gust in the state at 101 mph! Fort Washakie reported an 86 mph wind gust and Muddy Gap reported an 81 mph gust.

This graph shows the areas impacted by high winds on January 13. U.S. National Weather Service Riverton Office Facebook photo.

As for temperatures, Sweetwater County residents will see cooler temps today with a high near 30 degrees with mostly sunny conditions. For the complete forecast click here.