Star Stadium 11 Begins Seating Upgrades


ROCK SPRINGS– Going to the movies is about to get a lot more comfortable, as Star Stadium 11 + ARQ is currently upgrading their seats to luxury powered reclining seating.

The work is beginning with auditorium 7, which is currently under construction. According to a Facebook post by Wyomovies Rock Springs, the construction is expected to be completed by the end of August.

They are hoping to have all of the auditoriums completed by Christmas. Just in time for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, perhaps?

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The City of Rock Springs issued the construction permits to A Pleasant Construction out of Green River in early May. The project is being done in stages in order to keep the theaters open during construction. According to the city’s April 2019 Valuation Report, the project is costing roughly $275,000 to complete.

According to Wyomovies Rock Springs, ticket prices will increase by 50 cents to cover the cost of the upgraded seats and maintain them.

They will still however have reduced pricing available for matinees, Senior Mondays, and Discount Tuesdays.