#StickTogether: Support the Community During COVID-19

#StickTogether: Support the Community During COVID-19

Here in Southwest Wyoming we are tight-knit bunch.

Although our ability to gather in the physical sense is currently limited, we must continue to stick together to support our family, friends and community in these uncertain times.

As Coronavirus [COVID-19] continues to spread, small businesses, families and daily life as we know it has been impacted on a large scale.

Small business owners are facing tough decisions, necessary personnel are being overwhelmed, and the ability to obtain goods and services has become difficult.

By being intentional with our time and dollars, we can work together to combat the effects of this crisis

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  • Check in on your friends and family. Social Distancing is an adjustment for many. You can be there for someone who just needs to talk. As an abundance of relief resources become available, we can all work together to pass along information as well. Staying connected can benefit us all.
  • Share. Cleaning supplies, sanitizers, food, etc. It is still difficult many people to access things they need. If you have extra of something, you can offer it on social media or leave it at a local drop-off location.
  • Be Flexible. Some of us are dealing with cancelling or postponing events we were looking forward to. Try to understand that social distancing benefits us all right now and comply with the changes that come with CDC guidelines.
  • Share gratitude and support with responders and medical personnel. Our neighbors in the medical field, first responders and many others are being tasked with handling the overwhelming needs that have come with the coronavirus outbreak. Remember that gratitude, love, and community support are essential to us persevering through this together.
  • Wash your hands and comply with CDC guidelines. By doing these simple things we can make a massive impact on the health and safety of our at-risk family and neighbors.


  • Shop local. Now more than ever, local businesses need our support. While remaining compliant with safety regulations you can still take advantage of local curbside, take out and delivery options that many businesses are offering.
  • Buy a gift card. Not up for eating or shopping local right now? No worries! You can support local businesses by purchasing gift cards to use at a later date.
  • Follow and engage on social media. Show small businesses you care by engaging with their social content, subscribing to their updates and leaving reviews on their social media.
  • Order online. Need a pick-me-up? Celebrating a special day? Check and see if your favorite local shop has an e-commerce site and grab any treats or gifts you’ve had your eye on. Many businesses have also adopted curb-side order delivery that you can take advantage of while in-store shopping is limited.


  • Make a Donation. Most local nonprofits rely on monetary donations to make ends meet. As need continues to grow, the need for community aid grows too. Local organizations and their programs are paramount to providing relief in these situations and making a financial donation is a great way to support their efforts.
  • Ask what is needed. Hop on the phone with a local non-profit and ask what kind of donations would be helpful. When possible, find out ways you can help by volunteering your time too. Remember that organizations often have to follow regulations pertaining to the donations they can accept. If you first ask what’s useful, you will be sure not to inhibit efforts with items that can’t be used.
  • Engage with their online media. We can all help share information about efforts and needs by liking, commenting, sharing and subscribing to local organizations.

The Cowboy State is know for its strength and ability to endure. Let’s continue that legacy in the face of COVID-19, support each other, and #sticktogether. ?