Students Make Best of Snow Storm to Raise Funds for Make-A-Wish

Students Make Best of Snow Storm to Raise Funds for Make-A-Wish

Courtesy photo, Hudson Garner

SWEETWATER COUNTY — This year’s Make-A-Wish fundraising efforts between Rock Springs and Green River High Schools have been challenging.

With the snow storm hitting hard and closing down schools throughout the county, it also canceled several important Make-A-Wish fundraising events that have taken students and staff hours of planning.

But when life gives you snow, you shovel it. And that’s exactly what several RSHS students decided to do.

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RSHS student council president Hudson Garner and several of his friends took advantage of the situation and have spent most of their snow day shoveling driveways for donations. The crew took as many driveways as they could, but eventually had to start turning people away due to a booked schedule.

“We appreciate everyone’s sudden support! It shows how amazing this community is,” Garner wrote on his Facebook page.

Over in Green River, students are facing similar issues with canceled events. The GRHS Make-A-Wish 2023 Facebook page asked those who were planning on any events to consider donating still through their online donation account.

Those interested in donating can choose to donate to either school. For Rock Springs donations, you can send them to Garner’s Venmo. For Green River donations, you can visit this online donation account. The Make-A-Wish week will come to a close tomorrow when the two high school’s basketball teams face off against each other in Rock Springs.

For what’s been a cold and dreary winter day, students have shown heartwarming efforts to make a difference.