Sublette County Officials Warn Residents of Potential Water Dangers

Sublette County Officials Warn Residents of Potential Water Dangers

SUBLETTE COUNTY — With May being National Water Safety Month, Sublette County officials wanted to remind residents of potential water dangers.

Spring is here and the snow in the mountains will be continuing to thaw. Even though Sublette County saw less snow pack than usual over the winter, there will still be spring water runoff that will create dangers around our rivers, streams, and irrigation ditches, according to a press release from the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office.

Spring runoff can run from late May through July. Once access to the back country is open, people must be diligent to use extra caution attempting to cross fast-moving streams.

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Swift currents with numbing-cold water can bring on hypothermia in an instant, the release states. Combine this with being tumbled over boulders, fallen tree limbs, and the possibility of being caught on underwater snags is not a good outcome for anyone involved.

Tips form Tip Top Search and Rescue

•Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return
•Always keep a close watch on your kids and pets. They are curious and drawn to water
•Have a designated adult watch kids at all times when you are near a stream or lake
•Learn CPR and first aid
•Always wear a properly-fitted life jacket when recreating around open water
•Use caution when walking near riverbanks during high-flowing water. The bank may become unstable and give away at any time.
•If ever caught in fast flowing water, try to float feet first in a half-sit position. Don’t let your feet drop under the water.
•Remember the old saying, “REACH, THROW, DON’T GO”! Call 9-1-1 if you are not able to throw a rope or extend a sturdy stick to assist.

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