SWCSD No.1 Board Approves Christmas Bonuses Monday

SWCSD No.1 Board Approves Christmas Bonuses Monday

Sage Elementary School Kindertgarten Teacher Sarah Register shows student Addison Woodbury how to line up the components of her holiday decoration project.

ROCK  SPRINGS – For the employees of Sweetwater County School District No. 1, Christmas came a bit early.

On Monday, the Sweetwater County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees unanimously approved a Christmas bonus for all Sweetwater County School District No. 1 employees.

Employees will receive a $25 bonus which will come in the form of a Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce gift certificate. There are right around 1,400 total employees at SWCSD No. 1.

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Board Reorganization

It is that time of year that new officers will be decided on several boards in the county. On Monday, the School District No. 1 Board unanimously voted to keep the officers the same.

Brady Baldwin will remain as Chairman, Lenny Hay will stay as Vice-Chairman, Max Mickelson as Clerk and Joyce Corcoran as Treasurer.


New Industrial Equipment at RSHS

The board unanimously approved the purchase of five multi-process welders which will be at Rock Springs High School. The district received three bids for the new welders.

Airgas USA, LLC., of Rock Springs bid $19,695 or $3,939 per welder. Grainger, of Casper, bid came in at $39,180 or $7,836 per welder. The final bid was from Welder Supply Co., out of Beloit, Wisconsin. Its bid came in at $30,875 or $6,175 per welder. The board voted to go with Airgas.

The board also approved the purchase of a Roland540 tool charger and super silent compressor which will also be located at RSHS. This charger is an add-on for existing equipment previously purchased. The board awarded the purchase to CATT – Career and Technical Training, LLC., in the amount of $12,425.94.

These new purchases will be funded with BOCES and Perkins dollars.


New Library Books

The board unanimously approved to purchase library books from the Wyoming State Library. The amount approved was $10,430. Competitive bids will be secured by the Wyoming State Library.


Copy Paper and Card Stock

Another purchase approved Monday included the purchase of bulk copy paper and card stock which will be used throughout the district.

The board secured four bids and approved the lowest bids for each item. Contract Paper Group was awarded the copy paper at $20,781.60 while Lewis Paper was awarded the card stock bid for $387.60 based on cost.