#SWEETREADS: Netflix…And Read

#SweetReads: A column provided by the Sweetwater County Library System, featuring reading recommendations by employees of our local libraries. Breezy Cuckale provides you with this week's column.
#SWEETREADS: Netflix…And Read

We’ve all been guilty of watching a little too much Netflix.

Oh look, the next episode automatically started. Better go ahead and watch it. Three hours later: ‘Are you still watching? Yes. Yes we are.

Want to try cutting back on your TV time but don’t want to miss the stories you love? Head to the library. Tons of popular shows on Netflix are based on books, (probably way more than you realize) and the library has them ready for you to check out.

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Looking for a nice romance? How about Virgin River? Netflix just renewed it for a third season, and the library has all nineteen books in the series. How about something a little steamier? Bridgerton was a smash hit and yep – the libraries have all those books too.

We’ve got teen adaptations like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, and supernatural thrillers like The Witcher and The Haunting of Hill House. Netflix’s upcoming show, Shadow and Bone, is based off of the series by Leigh Bardugo which is available as well.

True life stories like Orange is the New Black and Mindhunter are ready for checkout. Even kid’s books have had the Netflix treatment: the Babysitter’s Club and Anne of Green Gables are just a couple that come to mind.

You can find titles in books, audiobooks and available for download from our digital collection. That means that you don’t even have to leave the couch to get them. Which is good, because you probably already have the perfect set up happening; snacks, pillows, yoga pants, the works. We understand. You should see our break room…