Sweetwater County Birth Announcements for April 2024

Sweetwater County Birth Announcements for April 2024

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The following birth announcements were sent to SweetwaterNOW by Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County in April 2024.

Scarlett JoAnn Austin, girl, was born April 3, 2024, to proud parents Rylee Moore and Kacie Austin of Rock Springs.

Daelahni Tris Smith, girl, was born April 6, 2024, to proud parents Kiejara and Jacob Smith of Rock Springs.

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Jack Michael Wilk, boy, was born April 8, 2024, to proud parents Dylan Wilk and Kaela Carter of Rock Springs.

Peyton Elizabeth Borecky, girl, was born April 8, 2024, to proud parents Kristina Fuller and Toby Borecky of Green River.

Joshua William Rodenbaugh, boy, was born April 10, 2024, to proud parents Kassi Hall and Dillon Rodenbaugh of Rock Springs.

Rowan Elizabeth Bellamy, girl, was born April 14, 2024, to proud parents Zayn and Caitlin Bellamy of Rock Springs.

Jeremy Abdiel López Esquivel, boy, was born April 18, 2024, to proud parents Germán López and Leydi Esquivel of Rock Springs.

Briggs Keith Bloom, boy, was born April 22, 2024, to proud parents Skyler and Kylie Bloom of Green River.

Hayes Gunyan, boy, was born April 27, 2024, to proud parents Rachel Mason and Troy Gunyan of Rock Springs.

Congratulations to all the proud families!

Births are sponsored by Memorial Hospital Obstetrics & Women’s health. You can submit your own birth announcement here.

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