Sweetwater County Marriage Report for August 9-13, 2021

Sweetwater County Marriage Report for August 9-13, 2021

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SWEETWATER COUNTY — The following marriage licenses were issued in Sweetwater County from August 9-13, 2021.

Damian Elias Wood, 30, to Heather Leann Haws, 35, of Green River.

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Michael Anthony Christman, 45, to Sarah Ann Ganskop, 38, of Rock Springs.

Justice Charles Hamner, 25, to Katelyn Marie Werner, 25, of Rock Springs.

Riese Weston Allison, 19, to Olivia Marie Nopsinger, 18, of Green River.

George Edward Smith, 39, to Holly Lynn Barney, 31, of Rock Springs.

Vincent Louis Ruiz, 44, to Shondra Marie Rasmussen, 48, of Rock Springs.

Marc Andrew Mondragon, 34, to Martha B. Jacobo Pineda, 23, of Green River.

John Ross Sheely, 45, to Toni Suzanne Sanchez, 39, of Rock Springs.

Michael Aaron Menegassi, 32, to Andrea Mae Christiansen, 34, of Rock Springs.

Chase James Holden, 28, to Connor Marie Coleman, 25, of Rock Springs.

Jeremy Carlson Sykes, 35, to Stephanie Lovena Hokanson, 31, of Rawlins.

Elias Fernando Perez, 28, to Amanda Marie Leahy Diede, 25, of Rock Springs.

Sean Joseph Agostini, 29, to Ashley Ann Egan, 24, of Rock Springs.