Sweetwater County Young Authors Awards Ceremony

Sweetwater County Young Authors Awards Ceremony

Poetry Winners: Teague Powell RS, Nate Bailey GR, Haylie Johnson GR, Mykenzy Davis RS, Allison Brown GR

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Sweetwater County School District #1, Sweetwater County School District #2 and Holy Spirit Catholic School conducted their annual Sweetwater County Young Author awards ceremony on April 9, 2015.

The first place finishers for each district were judged and county winners were selected. The first place finishers at each grade level in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry were recognized at the award ceremony as well as honorable-mentions in each category. The joint award celebration provided a chance for all three superintendent’s to say a few words, Kelly McGovern from Sweetwater 1, Donna Little Kaumo, from Sweetwater 2 and Linda Marcos from Holy Spirit. The first place finishers will go on to compete at the state level. Results from the state usually arrive in mid-late May.

Tammy Macy, Sweetwater #1, Coordinator said, “The ceremony was a great success with over 200 people attending.”

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New to this year’s celebration was the Superintendent’s Awards where each district’s superintendent selected a story that stood out to them from the following grade level categories: K-2, 3-5, 6-8,9-12.

Kelly McGovern from Sweetwater #1, Donna Little Kaumo, superintendent from Sweetwater #2 and Linda Marcos from Holy Spirit joined the county coordinators on stage after all category winners were announced to recognize their winners.

The Young Author Awards is a great accomplishment for these students, they worked hard on their entries and it showed. We are very proud of them! We would like to thank everyone who entered this year. We would also like to thank everyone for their continued support of the program and all those who helped to make it so successful this year.”, Tammy Macy, SCSD #1 District Coordinator, Karen Price, SCSD #2 District Coordinator and Amy Copsey , Holy Spirit Catholic School Coordinator shared.

Sweetwater County Young Author


Winner Announcements

Fiction-Honorable Mentions

Emma Johnson GR-Kindergarten “The Surprised Piece of Cheese”

Lilac De Castro RS-First Grade “How Baby Penguin Got Home”

Chris Mora GR-Second Grade “The Adventures of Talking Bear”

Logan McCann RS-Second Grade “ The Magic Ball”

Tyler Castillon GR-Third Grade “Lightning on the Loose”

Trey Robinson GR-Fourth Grade “The Brave and Powerful Dragon”

Megan Zotti RS-Fifth Grade “The Day the Snow Quit Falling”

Rikki Cozad RS-Sixth Grade “Friends in the Forest”

Mauri Glathar GR-Seventh Grade “The Fortunate Fortune”


Bailey Anderson RS-Kindergarten “The Fire Lizard”

Benjamin Maggi GR-First Grade “Dino Brothers, Sports All-Stars”

Hadlee Miller HS-Second Grade “Flippers Gets Stuck”

Aubrielle Maes RS-Third Grade “I’m Allergic to Boys”

Skylar Messic RS-Fourth Grade “The Halls”

Amy Van der linder GR-Fifth Grade “Nature’s Walk”

Camden Nelson GR-Sixth Grade “The Hike”

Hanna Crockett RS-Seventh Grade “My Walk in the Woods”

Hannah Braithewaite GR-Eighth Grade “The Final Act”

Gregory Marchal GR-Ninth Grade “The Decision”

Lacey Hart GR-Tenth Grade “The Wolf in the Woods”

Janalee Hoffman GR-Eleventh Grade “When the Winds Takes Me”

Hope Frey GR-Twelfth Grade “Walk of Shame”

Non-Fiction-Honorable Mentions

Tahlia Knudsen RS-Kindergarten “Big Bloody Bump”

Makaylee Robles GR-First Grade “Creepy Crawlies”

Bailey Amundsen RS-Second Grade “A New Friend Just for Me”

Kade Kramer HS-Second Grade “The Cabin”

Claira Kuball GR-Second Grade “A Book About Thanks”

Jaysha Chavez HS-Third Grade “Cute Little Puppy”

Steven Hickerson RS-Third Grade “The Junior Jazz Bulls”

Travis Archibald GR-Third Grade “Thomas Edison”

Eliza Burgess RS-Fourth Grade “The Best Vacation I Ever Had”

Dylan Taylor GR-Fifth Grade “The Scariest Time of My Life”

Jordan Buggy GR-Sixth Grade “Changed”

Kaytlyn Keeler RS-Eighth Grade “Simple”

Patrick Marchal GR-Ninth Grade “Splashdown” Non-Fiction-Winners

Brynlee Cordova GR-Kindergarten “Camping With My Family”

Kiera Layne RS-First Grade “Camping With Saddie”

Ryan Zotti RS-Second Grade “Is Bigfoot Real”

Emilee Jensen GR-Third Grade “Braces”

Sage Romero RS-Fourth Grade “Calf Riding”

Wendy Reynoso RS-Fifth Grade “The Two Countries That I Love”

Kayde Strauss GR-Sixth Grade “Breathtaking”

Laura Patterson GR-Seventh Grade “.70%”

Mary Harris GR-Eighth Grade “England Comes to Wyoming”

Laiba Fatima RS-Ninth Grade “I Am Not”

Brianna Rath GR-Tenth Grade “Agitation is Key”

Amber Nelson GR-Eleventh Grade “The Day the Rain Came”

Kori Lamb GR-Twelfth Grade “No Hope”

Poetry-Honorable Mentions

Oakley Wardell GR-First Grade “I Made a Zoo”

Lizzie Jensen RS-Second Grade “I Am Poems”

Katie Copsey HS-Third Grade “My Favorite Things”

Marcella Hall RS-Third Grade “My Awesome Poems by Me”

Luke St. Marie HS-Third Grade “My Thoughts in My Words”

Gabrielle Lawrence GR-Fourth Grade “Goodbye Truman”

Carter McBurnett RS-Fourth Grade “ The World Through My Eyes”

Ashley Anderson HS-Fourth Grade “The Four Seasons”

Josh Moody GR-Fourth Grade “All Things About Football”

Yesi Vicencio RS-Fifth Grade “The Seasons of the Year”

Maddison Dimick RS-Sixth Grade “My Fabulous Book of Feelings”

Sarah Kropf GR-Ninth Grade “Life, Death, and Everything in between

Nicole Davis GR-Twelfth Grade “A Grandmother’s Story”


Teague Powell RS-First Grade “Rhyming Time”

Nate Bailey GR-Second Grade “A Few of My Favorite Things”

Haylie Johnson GR-Third Grade “My California Trip”

Mykenzy Davis RS-Fourth Grade “Scary Poems to Tell in the Dark”

Allison Brown GR-Fifth Grade “Colors of the World”

Trenton Dowley GR-Sixth Grade “The Welcome Home and other”

Rebecah Winward RS-Seventh Grade “Song Angels”

Kaytlyn Keeler RS-Eighth Grade “Life Personified”

Aubrie Ellis RS-Ninth Grade “Hate, Betrayl, Love and Hope”

Lacey Hart GR-Tenth Grade “Sweet and Satisfying”

Natasha Beckerman GR-Eleventh Grade “Into the Darkness”

Emily Winward RS-Twelfth Grade “Conclusion: Commencement”

Superintendent Awards: Sweetwater #1

Teague Powell “Rhyming Time” K-2

Megan Zotti “The Day the Snow Quit Falling” 3-5

Kaytlyn Keeler “Life Personified” 6-8

Aubrie Ellis “Hate, Betrayal, Love & Hope” 9-12

Sweetwater #2

Benjamin Maggi “Dino Brothers, Sports All-stars” K-2

Emilee Jensen “Braces” 3-5

Laura Patterson, “O.7%” 6-8

Lacey Hart, “The Wolf in the Woods” 9-1

Holy Spirit Catholic School

Jaysha Chavez, “My Cute Puppy”

Tammy Macy, district Young Author coordinator shared, “As always I appreciate the effort that students put into their writing entries. The judges and I enjoy reading them and hope that the students continue to write and be excited to write. I hope that students continue to submit entries to the Young Author contest. The district has been focusing on improving writing scores and the quality of submissions this year improved from previous year’s. Thank you to all of the students, parents and teachers for continued support of the Young Author Contest and I look forward to seeing many of these names again next year.”