Sweetwater Family Services Adjusting Protocols To Better Assist Public

Sweetwater Family Services Adjusting Protocols To Better Assist Public

The Sweetwater County Family Resources Center is changing its office protocols to better serve the public. (Photo credit: Kim Komoda)

ROCK SPRINGS — The Sweetwater Family Resource Center, a non-profit 501(c)3, believe that everyone deserves to have access to assistance for food and essentials, especially during these times of uncertainty.

The office is working diligently to assist you with your needs, so we’re temporarily adjusting our office protocol. We will be keeping our doors locked during our temporary office hours (T-F, 10am-4pm) and will allow clients in by appointment only.

If you need assistance with food, personal essentials, gas to get to work or appointments there are a few different ways they can still help:

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1) Go to our website, http://www.sweetwaterfamilyresourcecenter.com to download and print off an application and follow the instructions on the first few pages.
2) Call us if you need to pick up an application.
3) Call us to make an appointment and/or to discuss types of assistance we have available and for other referrals which can assist you.

The Family Resouces Center is currently out of funding for emergency shelter. Their Family Visitation and Exchange offices are currently operating under the usual hours set by their visitation coordinators and the clients. If you have a visit or exchange and are feeling sick or have been exposed, may have been exposed, or traveled to an area of high risk PLEASE CALL to reschedule.

The FRC wants assure the public that it is here to help in any way they can and will do their best to work with you.