Sweetwater Scam Alert Warns of Two Swindles Circulating

Sweetwater Scam Alert Warns of Two Swindles Circulating

(Sweetwater County, Wyo. – September 25, 2018)     Sweetwater Scam Alert and Sheriff Mike Lowell are warning of a scam being perpetrated against registered sex offenders, while the “IRS Scam” continues to make the rounds

In a statement Tuesday, Lowell warned that swindlers are calling sex offenders and identifying themselves either as court officials or deputies from the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office. The callers say that the offender has missed a court date or is otherwise non-compliant with Wyoming law and must pay a fine or other fee immediately, using a reloadable debit card or a gift card.

“Neither law enforcement nor the courts ever make such calls,” said Lowell.  “This is simply another scam employed to separate people from their money.”

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Lowell said the “IRS Scam” also continues to circulate. People receive recorded telephone messages from people claiming to be from the IRS. If the call is returned, the scammers demand payment of (allegedly) delinquent income taxes. If the person called refuses or begins asking questions, the caller often threatens a visit from law enforcement, arrest, the arrest of a spouse, or a driver’s license revocation.

The IRS does not function like that, and Lowell made the following recommendations:  if you actually owe on your federal income taxes or think you might owe, contact the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040 to speak with a genuine official about your tax issues. If you know you don’t owe any income taxes, call 1-800-366-4484 to report the caller to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.