SweetwaterNOW Instagram Photo Contest

SweetwaterNOW Instagram Photo Contest

The winner will receive this 4th of July basket of goodies!

☀️ Do you have the summer-time feeling?

In honor of the warm-ish weather, we are holding a photo contest on Instagram ???-???? ?! We want to see your photos of summertime in Sweetwater County and surrounding areas. Let’s be honest, you shouldn’t have a problem snapping a beautiful summer photo in these parts…


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 1. Follow @sweetwaternow on Instagram. 
2. Post your best photos to your profile that capture that summertime feeling by and use the hashtag #SweetwaterNOW.
3. Mention the photo contest in your caption.
4. Submit your photo by the morning of JULY 3.
[The winner will be announced at noon on July 3.]

It’s that simple. What are you waiting for?