And they’re off as the match-ups are set for the upcoming Primary Election

And they’re off as the match-ups are set for the upcoming Primary Election

SWEETWATER COUNTY – With the filing period for the upcoming election finished and the primary elections coming up on Aug. 19, many seats will be highly contested while other seats will go uncontested again this year.

In the race for Mike Enzi’s United States Senator seat, there are four Democrats filed and five Republicans including Enzi. The Democrats filed include William Bryk, Al Hamburg, Charlie Hardy and Rex Wilde. The Republicans who will be going up against Enzi in the primaries include Thomas Bleming, Arthur Bruce Clifton, James “Coaltrain” Gregory and Bryan Miller.

For Rep. Cynthia Lummis’ United States Representative seat one Democrat, Richard Grayson has filed and Republicans Lummis and Jason Adam Senteney will be facing off in the primary for the spot.

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In the state races, there were four candidates who filed for Governor. On the Republican side, Incumbent Matt Mead will face off against Cindy Hill and Taylor Haynes. On the Democratic side, Pete Gosar is the only candidate who filed

Only Republicans filed for the Secretary of State position. They include Ed Buchanan, Pete Illoway, Ed Murray and Clark Stith.

Current Wyoming State Auditor Republican Cynthia Cloud was the only one on either side who filed for the position.

Only Republicans filed for the State Treasurer position. They are Mark Gordan and Ron Redo.

The State Superintendent of Public Instruction had one Democrat and three Republican’s file. The Democratic nominee is Mike Ceballos. On the Republican side, Jillian Balow, Sheryl Lain and Bill Winney will face off in the primary.

For the State Senator 11 seat, Republican Larry Hicks is the only one on either side to file.

For the State Senator 13 seat, incumbent Democrat John Hastert will not have any competition either.

Democrat JoAnn Dayton has filed for the State Representative 17 seat while incumbent Stephen Watt is the only one on the Republican side.

For State Representative seat 18, Democrat Michele Irwin is the only one democrat who filed. Fred Baldwin and Lyle Williams will face off in the Republican Primary for the seat.

Incumbent Democratic Stan Blake will be unopposed for the State Representative seat 39 spot.

Two Republicans, Julie McCallister and Jerry Paxton have both filed for the State Representative 47 seat while Democrat Joe Barbuto has filed and will run against Republican incumbent Mark Baker.

For the State Representative seat 60. Incumbent Democrat John Freeman will go up against Republican Bill Hooley.

In the Sweetwater County races, several races will be very interesting to watch. There are three Democrats and two Republicans who will fight for the open three Sweetwater County Commissioner seats. Democratic incumbents Reid West and Gary Bailiff will be joined by current Green River Mayor Hank Castillon, while on the Republican side incumbent John Kolb is joined by Randal “Doc” Wendling. With three seats open, the real action will be in the general election as the candidates will move forward.

Democratic incumbent Dale Majhanovich will move to the general where he will go up against Republican J.R. Alexander for the County Coroner seat.

Bob Reese was the only Democrat to file for the Sweetwater County Attorney spot while Daniel Erramouspe and Robert Hiatt Jr, will battle for the Republican nomination.

Two Democrats and four Republicans have filed for the Sweetwater County Sheriff slot. Mike Lowell and Delbert Gray will both be fighting for the democratic nomination while Republican Incumbent Rich Haskell will be joined by John Jay Henning, Lee Hughs. Ken Yager.

Republican Donnalee Bobak will run unopposed for the Clerk of District Court spot, Dem. Dale Davis will run unopposed for the County Clerk, Dem.

Robb Slaughter will run unopposed for the County Treasurer and Dem. Pat Drinkle will run unopposed for the County Assessor seat.

All races in Green River will be contested.

Filling for Green River Mayor include Richard Baxter, Art Kline, Mark Peterson and Pete Rust.

For the Ward I spot Craig Leavitt, Lyneen Murphy and Allan Wilson have all filed.

For Ward II, Ted Barney and Ted York have filed.

In Ward III, Gary Killpack and Edward Paisley have filed.

On the other side, several Rock Springs races will be unopposed. Current Rock Springs Mayor Carl Demshar is the only one who filed.

In Ward I, incumbent Billy Shalata is the only person to file and in Ward II, Tim Savage will also run unopposed.

For Rock Springs Ward III, incumbent David Halter will go up against former Rock Springs City Councilman Kent Porenta. for Ward IV, incumbent Rose Mosbey will face off against RJ Pieper.

There are five people who have filed to be the next Mayor of Granger. They are Sandy Allen, Gary Brantley, Mark Gray, Andrea Root and Anselmo Hippy “Valerio Jr.”

For Granger Town Council Sherry Brantley, James Dunford, Alicia Mansir, Carolyn Nelson and June Nichols have all filed.

Katie Waldner is the only candidate for the Mayor of Wamsutter while Dustin Davis and Randal Stepleton have filed for Wamsutter Town Council.

The Primary Election will be on Aug. 19. While residents can register at the polls, for the next little while, residents can also register at their city halls and the Sweetwater County Offices. Filings for the races in Sweetwater County School District’s No. 1 and No.2 will start after the Primary Election.