This Week on the GridIron: A Glimpse into Football History

This Week on the GridIron: A Glimpse into Football History

As local football enthusiasts gear up for week 1 of gridiron action, let’s take a step back in time to delve into the rich history behind some of the upcoming matchups. From back and forth rivalries to historic clashes, these games are not only battles for the present but also a continuation of decades-old competitions that have shaped the legacy of these teams.

Rock Springs vs. Thunder Basin: A Struggle for Supremacy

Friday, Sept. 1 @ Thunder Basin

The clash between Rock Springs and Thunder Basin has evolved into a high scoring encounter over the years. Their first meeting on August 6, 2017, marked the inception of this rivalry that has seen Thunder Basin assert its dominance. The Tigers have faced an uphill battle, registering a 1-5 record against the Bolts. Interestingly, none of the games have ever been decided by a one-score margin, highlighting the high scoring nature of this matchup.

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Green River vs. Lander: A Historical Tug of War

Friday, Sept.1 @ Lander

The Green River-Lander rivalry is steeped in history, dating back to their inaugural showdown on September 17, 1948. Lander secured a narrow 26-20 victory in that first encounter. However, the intensity between these two escalated when they met again later that season in the championship, where Lander triumphed with an imposing score of 42-6. Throughout their storied history, Green River has maintained an 11-15-2 record against Lander. Recent times however, have seen Lander dominating, with Green River recording a 3-7 tally in their last ten matchups. Notably, a significant gap between 1989 and 2017 affected this record. In the 2000’s, Green River won that first matchup in 2017 but lost the last 5.

Lyman vs. Bear Lake (ID): Unyielding Domination

Friday, Sept. 1 @ Lyman

The Lyman-Bear Lake matchup history paints a picture of domination by one side. Their first encounter took place on September 2, 1983, with Bear Lake clinching a 27-13 victory. Since then, Bear Lake has asserted an iron grip, leaving Lyman unable to taste victory in their subsequent six battles. Moreover, Lyman’s struggle to break through is evident in their lack of high-scoring games against Bear Lake. With never more than 14 points scored by Lyman and two shutouts. The odds have consistently favored Bear Lake. The most recent clash came last year in week one, after a 32-year hiatus. The 28-0 victory reinforced Bear Lake’s dominance.

Mountain View vs. Wheatland: A Tale of Turnaround

Friday, Sept.1 @ Mountain View

The rivalry between Mountain View and Wheatland has undergone significant shifts since their debut encounter on September 3, 1993, which Wheatland claimed 28-12. However, the tide turned on October 5, 2007, when Wheatland emerged victorious with a dominating 42-0 win. Surprisingly, this marked the turning point for Mountain View’s fortunes. In the subsequent five games since that watershed moment, Mountain View displayed remarkable dominance, recording 198 points while restricting Wheatland to a mere 49 while going 5-0. This turnaround culminated in a playoff game during Mountain View’s undefeated championship season in 2019, where they sealed an emphatic 72-0 triumph.

As fans anticipate the upcoming clashes, the weight of history and the legacy of these games undoubtedly add an extra layer of excitement to the battles that await. Will the underdogs overturn the historical trends, or will the dominant forces continue their reign? Only time will tell as the football action unfolds in week 1.