Timothy Kaumo

Timothy Kaumo

Rock Springs Mayor

Party: Non-Political

Listen to our candidate interview below:

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself…

Born & raised here in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

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Married to Stacie (33 yrs) – Four children Kevin & wife Bailey, Kassidy & husband TJ Garvin, Krysta & husband Wesley Padilla and Kolter

Employed at JFC Engineers & Surveyors (32 yrs) Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) and President of JFC

Past President/Board member of the Boys & Girls Club of Sweetwater County

Past Mayor of Rock Springs (2003-2010)

Past Chairman – Rock Springs Fire Commission

Hobbies: Firearms, fishing, hunting, boating, snowmobiling (anything outdoors and in Wyoming)

What Makes You The Best Candidate for Rock Springs Mayor?

My experience and 30 yrs of proven leadership skills make me the best choice for Mayor of Rock Springs.

My ability to create partnerships of doers not sayers has always been a great asset to me.  I have a very detailed understanding of the city budget, city projects and each department within the city.

My passion to see Rock Springs be successful is my driving force.  I seek the job not the title!

What Do you hope to accomplish in your first year if your elected?

If successful, in my first year as Mayor of Rock Springs I will accomplish an immediate savings to the taxpayers by implementing a new plan of department cooperation and sharing of duties.

Unnecessary high paid positions which can be job-shared by others (including the Mayor) will be eliminated.

Communication amongst each department will once again take place and duties shared and cross-trained to be efficient.

This will allow the city to be more responsive to the citizens and developers and increase the ability to meet critical deadlines correctly while saving dollars.

I hope to accomplish an aggressive lobbying and grant-writing program which was successful in my past years as mayor.

I intend to aggressively lobby and complete the Bitter Creek restoration project which was began under my leadership and has basically been forgotten since.

I intend to work hard to create an industrial park east of Rock Springs which will promote business, grow jobs and our airport.

I intend to improve our infrastructure (including roads) which are dilapidated and in need of repair.  I will also work to improve the city’s communication with our citizens and improve morale amongst the employees.

I will also work to ensure that all work available to local contractors be competitively bid to ensure fairness to all of our local contractors.

I intend to build on the great work downtown which the URA has achieved and assist in growing this success. I intend to improve the quality of life for the citizens of our great city.

How can voters get in touch with you?

Facebook Page: kaumo4mayor