All About Tires’ Safety Tips and Benefits

All About Tires’ Safety Tips and Benefits

True to our name, we know All About Tires but also all about safety, savings and service.

New Tire Benefits

At All About Tires we offer you extra benefits aside from great service when you get your new tires with us. The purchase of a new set of tires includes:

  • Mount, balance, free flat repair, and free rotations
  • 5% discount on cash purchases
  • AC recharge
  • TPMS sensor check
  • Minor mechanics – brakes, shocks, wheel bearings, pack trailer bearings etc

All About Tires

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Tire Tips

There are several reasons each person should know when and how to tell if his or her tires need to be inflated more or changed. Knowing these things will save you money and increase the safety of your vehicle.

  • Adjust tire psi to match the placard inside the drivers door not what the tire is stamped with
  • Check psi when the tires are cold to get the most accurate reading
  • Rotate tires every 6,000 miles for better tire life
  • Make sure your tires have the correct tire pressure to increase your fuel economy
  • Check your tires’ wear bars that are across the tread and if the tread and wear bars are even, its time for new tires
  • Check your tires’ DOT date found on the side of them and if yours are over 10 years old, its time for new tires

Come in and get your tires checked, changed or rotated at All About Tires today.