TRN Media’s All-Valley Basketball Teams

TRN Media’s All-Valley Basketball Teams

BRIDGER VALLEY – With basketball season concluded, we at TRN Media took a look back at the season and have compiled a list of who we think would make the team if there was an all-star basketball team in Bridger Valley for both the boys and the girls.

The boys’ and girls’ teams each have five players for the first-team and another five for the second-team. We also listed a few players as honorable mentions who played well this season and who were close to making the list. This list also has no bearing on the player’s positions as we focused mainly on how who we thought were the top players this season.

The list was voted on by Erick Pauley, Keith Trujillo, and Jayson Klepper.

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Will Anderson – Mountain View

Carter Bradshaw – Lyman

Colt Henrie – Mountain View

Isac Linford – Mountain View

Caleb Smith – Lyman


Spencer Erickson – Mountain View

Cash Henrie – Mountain View

Dash Madsen – Mountain View

Casey Walker – Mountain View

Ayden Wyatt – Lyman

Honorable Mentions

Cory Condos – Lyman

Colter DeWitt – Lyman

Cody Hurdsman – Lyman

Hayden Jackson – Lyman



BriLee Bradshaw – Lyman

McKinlee Covolo – Mountain View

Addison Hickey – Mountain View

Mylie Micheli – Mountain View

Paige Rose – Lyman


Payton Anderson – Lyman

Anna France – Lyman

Owen Hansen – Lyman

Kallea Pitts – Mountain View

Charlee Porter – Mountain View

Honorable Mentions

Morgan Anderson – Lyman

Ali Sibert – Mountain View

Kate Walker – Mountain View

Ashtyn Wells – Lyman

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