TRN Media’s All-Valley Volleyball Team

TRN Media’s All-Valley Volleyball Team

SweetwaterNOW photo, Graphic Design by Kaylee Hughes

BRIDGER VALLEY – With the Volleyball season concluded we at TRN Media thought it was a good time to look back at the season and honor the play of the Bridger Valley students. We have compiled a list of who we think would make the team if there was an all-star team for Bridger Valley.

We have listed the six players that received the most votes as well as some honorable mentions that played well this season and could have easily made the list as well. The list was voted on by Erick Pauley, Keith Trujillo, Lyndon Schmidt, and Jayson Klepper.

All-Valley Team

Hailey Eldredge – Lyman

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Kate Walker – Mountain View

Mylie Micheli – Mountain View

Hailey Eldredge – Lyman

Paige Rose – Lyman

Ali Sibert – Mountain View

Honnorable Mentions

Mya Hutchings – Mountain View

Morgan Anderson – Lyman