#TryWY: GoSlo Wyoming – Your Go-to Shop for Wyoming Gifts


A quest to find a unique Wyoming brand landed me on the GoSlo website one day and I was immediately captured by the simplistic boldness of their designs.

As a transplant from Oklahoma I can’t say that I was born with “Big Sky State” Pride running through my veins that I’ve observed in so many native Wyomingites. I can tell you though, it’s contagious. The longer I live here (going on 5 years) the more adept I am to buy clothing and accessories that proudly announce my tie to this big, beautiful place.

That being said: Brown & Gold are great, but if I can represent my love for the Wyoming in a way that feels unique to me then I’m all for it.

From apparel to jewelry to phone accessories, GoSlo carries a well-curated assortment of Wyoming products and gifts.

Here are a couple that i’ve been loving:


This little dreamboat will keep all 16 ounces of your hot liquids hot and your cold liquids cold.

Its handmade stainless steel design gives you shatter-proof perfection and the rolled lip means it’s perfect for cuddling up to sip your favorite winter drinks.

Whether you get it or gift it, this Wyoming inspired campfire mug will keep our great state on your mind!


This Wyo-life is a pretty great one and this vintage inspired felt pennant is a great way to say it loud and proud.

I like to keep mine right above my desk. It gives me a dorm-room-college-spirit vibe with a more adult feel.


Ready to grab your own? 👇👇

by, Lindsay Malicoate
Content Specialist // Adventurer
// Skilled Air Guitarist

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