UW Hosts Annual Art Intensive for High School Students

UW Hosts Annual Art Intensive for High School Students

A drawing room still life in the UW Visual Arts Building was used for the 2019 High School Art Intensive earlier this month. (Doug Russell Photo)

LARAMIE– Art students from 14 high schools around the state visited the University of Wyoming earlier this month to participate in the annual High School Art Intensive hosted by the Department of Visual and Literary Arts.

The intensive is partially funded by an inreach grant from the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office, intended to assist and help facilitate programs bringing K-12 students to the UW campus. The goal of the grant is to let the college connect with students within and without the state.

The intensive is a two-day, immersive experience for students with an interest in art that consists of educational sessions as well as hands-on studio workshops. Throughout the weekend, the students interacted with current UW art students and faculty members, and learned more about the art program.

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“The UW High School Art Intensive weekend is a unique and exciting opportunity for high school art students from around the state to be introduced to our department, use our incredible facilities and work with our exceptional faculty and students,” says Doug Russell, professor of art.

He adds that the program provides high school students with hands-on experiences that they often are not able to have in their own schools, such as metal casting or six-hour drawing sessions.

“The energy of this weekend is then carried back into the school districts and into their high school art classrooms, invigorating and encouraging both the students and teachers,” Russell says. “Through this kind of inreach activity, we nurture and enrich the roots of the arts within our state and beyond.”

Student participants, listed by high school, were:

Campbell County High School — Tasha Buell, Corte Christenson, Jacob Decker, Jaydn Gumph, Keeley Hagen, Saunda Lewis, Kodi Lybarger, Mollie McDonald, Arleth Rodriquez, Jazlyn Schmidt, Keende Smith, Amber Temple, Navea Thacker and Sergio Valero.

East High School (Cheyenne) — Joslyn Arambula, Alexys Cassel, Ethan Debono, Olivia Gabaldon, Iris Hallberg, Derrick Hammer, Caleb Howard, Nate Howard, Nakayla Lamblir, Emma Lewis, Amethest Massman, Bethany McCraken, Nedra McIlwain, Rabecca Northcutt, Hannah Piel, Megan Pritchard, Cherise Rohwer, Dorothea Sanderson, David Stillwell, Savanna Stoddard, Keeda Vankirk, Adryna Vittley and Josephine Williams.

Green River High School — Jessica Clark, Jordan Hetrick, Jayden LaRose and Olivia Nielson.

Jackson Hole High School — Tanner Babb, Evan Ball, Alex Bates, Leilani Johnson, Brooklyn McCooey, Ella Nash, Kirsten Rorke, Ally Smith, Clinton Tarver and Aspen Waldron.

Lander Valley High School — Claire Asbell, Jimae Bell, Chloe Brammer, Ben Browning, Laura Browning, Racheal Cowart, Aijana Crosby, Julia Dohopolski, Kaelin Ellsworth, Divya Forbis, Brielle Fryer, Madison Grogan, Marlee Jones, Braeden Lesher, Maddy Logan, Izzy Manning, Zachary Renz, Alathia Swinborne, Dorian Thomas and Silas Wheeler.

Lyman High School — Shiloh Mecham.

Moorcroft High School — April Miller, Nicole Queen-Wineteer and Jessica Trigg.

Mountain View High School — Rylee Antonino, Kenzie Johnson, Madi Lupher, Dennis Owens, McKenzie Roberts, Alyssa Spiers, Michael Stoll, Ridge Tysver and Ryker Tysver.

Rawlins High School — Caleb Anderson, Hannah Baldwin, Maia Bauer, Keegan Belford, Savannah Eidenschink, Kaitlin Hazen, Austin Petty, Daylynn Shellenberger, Bailey Steele and Joanna Zabala.

Rock Springs High School — Wyatt Carrabou, Ellie Croft, Jorge Garcia-Monterroso, Trevor Gunyan, Taylor Johannson, Brixten Mathis, Allison Murrey, Bailee Pitt, Erin Poyer, Enshawntae Rall, Rachel Schuler, Lacie Vasquez and Savannah Wierhiem.

South High School (Cheyenne) — Lewis Balanoff, Elizabeth Calhoun, Kobe Larsen, Rianna Martens, Ainsley McKinney, Samantha Palmer, Kierra Ratcliff, Deianeira Thomas, Lydia Toelle and Sierra Yanez.

Thunder Basin High School (Gillette) — Kendall Bellion, Alexandria Cartwright, Aaliyah Collier, Kat Crain, Joey Dixon, Morgan Dorghty, Meghan Hanson, Lexi Heafner, Danika Howland, Selah Jordan, Nicole Keesler, Jasmin Mahoney, Jaclyn Mansheim, Miguel Martinez, Braxton Mefford, Naomi Morel, Kylee Morgado, Faith Onsgard, Jordan Pfeifer, Kaitlyn Redman, Nayeli Robles and Bree Zipperian.

Torrington High School — Nicole Cecil, Blake Dominguez, Chloe Krick, Mychaela Landstrom, Tyler Luma and Cali Yeik.

Triumph High School (Cheyenne) — Karisma Bell, Eliysia Carrera, Nico Coombs, AJ Frain, Zoey Martinez and Josh Pumphrey.