Veterans, City Honored at Council Meeting Tuesday

Members of the American Legion joined Rock Springs Mayor Carl Demshar in displaying the Purple Heart City proclamation at the city council meeting last night.

ROCK SPRINGS — “Purple Heart City” is now another honor Rock Springs can add to its many distinctions.

Mayor Carl Demshar read the proclamation in front of a packed house last night at the city council meeting with distinguished members from the local American Legion and VFW in attendance.

“The contributions and sacrifices of the men and women from the city of Rock Springs who served in the armed forces have been vital in maintaining the freedoms and the way of life we enjoy by our citizens today,” Demshar noted.

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“I urge all the citizens of Rock Springs to participate by helping to remember and recognize veterans who are recipients of the Purple Heart.”

Following the proclamation, American Legion and alternate National Executive Committee Member Doug Uhrig expressed his appreciation to the men and women who served our country in war.

“This is probably the metal that almost every veteran doesn’t want,” Uhrig told the council. “But once they receive it, its revered by all.”

The Purple Heart was the first America service award for decoration made available to the common soldier and is given specifically to members of the United States armed forces who were wounded or killed in combat.

Its the oldest military decoration currently used by our country. It was initially created as the badge of military merit by George Washington in 1872.

Demshar officially designated August 7, 2018 as Purple Heart Day in the city of Rock Springs.