Veterans Invited to Virtual Caregiver Town Hall Meeting

Veterans Invited to Virtual Caregiver Town Hall Meeting

SHERIDAN —  The Sheridan Veterans Affairs Health Care System invites Veterans, their families and caregivers to a live town hall Monday, March 13, at 3 p.m. to hear about the VA Caregiver Support Program. The town hall will take place over the phone and on Facebook.

Many Veterans who are enrolled in the Sheridan VA Health Care System will receive a recorded message notifying them of the event two days before the town hall, then again at the time of the event. Those individuals simply need to stay on the line following the March 13 call and they will be connected to the town hall.

For Veterans who don’t receive the call, and for anyone interested in taking part, there are two options. Those who use Facebook will be able to watch the event on the Sheridan VA’s page by clicking here. The second option to participate is by calling 855-962-1472 at 3 p.m. on March 13.

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The VA’s Caregiver Support Program has expanded significantly, most recently in October, allowing caregivers of Veterans from all eras to apply for the program. Therefore, VA staff with the local Caregiver Support Program will be sharing information about it during this one-hour live event. After the presentation of material, VA staff will take questions about the program from the phone participants as time allows.

More information about the VA’s Caregiver Support Program is available here.