Representative Stan Blake Seeks Re-Election for Wyoming House District 39

Representative Stan Blake Seeks Re-Election for Wyoming House District 39

The following was paid for and written by Stan Blake’s campaign:

Stan Blake has served in the Legislature for the past 14 years. He has served on the Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee, Agriculture, Public Lands and Water Resources, Select Tribal Relations Committee of which he was a Co-Chairman for two years. He also serves on the Select Water Committee and the Select Federal Natural Resource Management Committee.

Stan is a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles and a member of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation Union.

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Get to know Stan’s views on issues concerning House District 39

On Education:

“As a grandparent of school age kids, education is their future and Wyoming’s too.

Wyoming ranks sixth nationally in education quality – up one spot from seventh nationally in 2018.Once again, Wyoming scored the highest among western states.  Funding plus great schools in supportive communities makes all the difference. I will continue to support our schools, teachers and our children.”

On the 2nd Amendment:

“I have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and Wyoming. I support the 2nd Amendment and have received an A rating from the NRA every election cycle.” 

On Wildlife Conservation/Public Land in Public Hands:

“I was the prime sponsor of the Wildlife Conservation License Plate which helps make our highways safer and helps our wildlife flourish. Every citizen in Wyoming owns a share of public lands. I will defend this legacy so these lands are handed down to future generations intact.”

On Veterans: Wyoming Veterans Commission Legislative Support Award

“I have been on the Military Affairs Committee for 14 years. I have worked on this committee to secure skilled nursing facilities at the Wyoming Veterans Home in Buffalo. I will do everything in my power to support our Military members and our Veterans.”

On Law Enforcement and First Responders:

“Endorsed by the Rock Springs Federated Firefighters.  I support all our local and state law enforcement agencies.” 

On Wyoming Food Freedom:

“I was a co-sponsor on the first Wyoming Food Freedom Legislation that was passed. This allows for the sale and consumption of homemade food. A new amendment, of which I was a co-sponsor, in the 2020 session will let consumers buy meat directly from ranchers through a herd share agreement. This is a win, win for consumers, Ranchers and Local meat processing facilities.”

Some of Stan’s Endorsements

Wyoming Stockgrowers Association
“With each passing year, fewer of Wyoming’s candidates for public office understand Wyoming agriculture. It is vitally important to our membership that we acknowledge  those officials and candidates for office who are committed to Wyoming’s natural resource industries. WSGA looks forward to your election, and to continuing to work with you to assure a bright future for  Wyoming and our industry.” 

Jim Magagna, Executive Vice President WSGA

Wyoming Veteran’s Commission
“I’ve worked with Rep. Blake on military and veteran’s issues for many, many years. His unwavering support of our active and reserve component military is without equal. Stan has been instrumental in maintaining and improving benefits for Wyoming Veterans. The military family has been under great pressure since the attacks of 9/11, Rep. Blake has always supported family initiatives to improve their lives.”

Larry D. Barttelbort, Director of the Wyoming Veterans Commission, 2007-2017

Wyoming Water Development Office

“My name is Harry LaBonde and I served as the Director of the Wyoming Water Development Office (WWDO) from 2012 to 2019. During that time I had the pleasure of working with Representative Stan Blake from Sweetwater County. He was a member of several Legislative Committees including the House Ag Committee and the Select Water Committee. These committees interface with the WWDO and he was instrumental in the passage of numerous WWDO funding bills which provided planning, design and construction funding for multiple Sweetwater County projects. A couple of these projects that are worth mentioning are the Jamestown Water System Rehabilitation and Green River/Rock Springs Water Treatment Plant Improvements. In my experience, I found Representative Blake to be a hard working and very effective legislator for Sweetwater County.”

Harry LaBonde, WWDO Director (Retired)

House of Representatives Bill Haley

More About Stan Blake

Stan Blake has lived in Wyoming for 63 years, the past 30 in Green River. He was raised in Evanston and has also lived in Cheyenne. His wife, Terri June and I have 5 children and 13 grandkids. He is a conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad and has previously worked as an Ironworker and welder.

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