Weekend Snow Report for January 3 – Check Before You Go!


As the weekend approaches, make sure to add looking at the snow report to your gear checklist!

Avalanche risk and conditions of the snow pack are as important to your safety as your snowsuit.

Your Weekend Snow Report is brought to you by Rocky Mountain Powersports.


Skies were mostly clear today under a high pressure ridge. Temperatures were cold and inverted. Temperatures at 5 AM this morning were 17 degree at an elevation of 10,870 feet at the Mt. Coffin weather station and well below zero in the coldest valley locations. Daytime highs rose into the upper teens to low 20s at the higher elevations and into the single digits above zero at the lower elevations. Winds were from the north-northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour with higher gusts.

On Monday and Tuesday some redistribution by strong east through northwest winds of the snow that fell on Sunday occurred. The snowpack is settling in response the weight added on Sunday. Buried weak layers of faceted snow persist in the snowpack and adjust slowly to new loads.


FORECAST FOR Thursday, January 3, 2018

Temperatures inversions and mostly clear skies will be the dominate weather features. Valleys locations will be well below zero by morning and rise into the single digits and teens during the day. Temperatures at 10,000 feet are forecast to fall into the upper single digits tonight and rise into the 20s on Thursday. Winds will back towards the west and may begin to increase.

Persistent weak layers and poor snow structure continue to be a concern. At mid and upper elevations large slab avalanches one to three feet in depth could be triggered by humans on steep avalanche prone slopes. These slabs may be more sensitive to human triggers when a skier or rider hits a shallow weak spot and/or with larger triggers such as snowmobiles. In these areas the general avalanche hazard is forecast to be moderate. At the lower elevations (below an elevation of 7,500 feet) the general avalanche hazard is expected be low. Small surface slabs up to a foot in depth could be triggered on isolated terrain features.


Conditions will remain dry with temperatures inversions. Significant changes in the avalanche hazard are not anticipated.

For area specifics, go to the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center website.

View a real-time snow accumulation map HERE.

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Ride safe and prepared!


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