WY-TOPP: Upcoming Standardized Testing Discussed in Green River


GREEN RIVER — The Interim Assessment Option for WY-TOPP is coming up Jan. 16-Feb. 9 and will provide a glimpse into how students in Sweetwater School District No. 2 are doing, prior to the Summative Assessment tests during the April 16-May 11 time frame.


WY-TOPP stands for Wyoming Test of Proficiency & Progress, and is the successor to PAWS, the Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students.

“(The Interim Assessment Option) does allow us to see where we need to improve,” District No. 2 Assistant Superintendent James Christensen told the Board of Trustees at their Tuesday meeting.

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Christensen added that the later Summative Assessment would constitute a “learning tool” for the district.

Board vice-chairman Steve Core asked if the WY-TOPP would require five days of testing.

“No, you can do it in a class period,” such as a language arts or math class, Christensen responded regarding the students will take WY-TOPP. “It’s not changing the schedules a bunch.”

Taking the Test Too Lightly

Core expressed concern that some students may take the WY-TOPP test too lightly, with resulting less-than-optimum consequences.

“What are we going to do to prepare students for the test?” Core asked. “This is a very important test. It’s not just fill in the dots.”

Student preparations for the WY-TOPP have already begun, Christensen said. He added that in Jackson, there is a “WY-TOPP night” for parents as part of the preparation.

The assistant superintendent felt that preparations currently being undertaken to get students ready for WY-TOPP would be sufficient, especially given the motivation factor.

Students will not be taking the WY-TOPP assessments lightly, Christensen said, since the test results will be used in part to determine what classes students will be in during the following school year.

“WY-TOPP allows us to identify individual needs and group students with similar learning needs,” Christensen said.

Getting the Participation

Core also expressed concern regarding the number of students who will be taking the WY-TOPP tests, since some parents may opt their students out. “We need 95% participation,” Core said.

“We get 99%,” Christensen said.

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What is WY-TOPP?

According to information from the Wyoming Department of Education, WY-TOPP assesses student proficiency in language arts, mathematics, and science.

Interim assessments in mathematics and reading are administered in the fall for grades 3-10, in winter for grades 1-10.

K-2 interim math and reading assessments are administered in the spring.

WY-TOPP summative assessments are administered in late spring for grades 3-10.

The WY-TOPP science assessment is administered in grades 4, 8 and 10. The WY-TOPP writing assessment is administered in grades 3, 5, 7 and 9.

In addition to Core, board chairman Brenda Roosa and trustees Corina Tynsky, John Malone, Ann Rudoff, Mark Sanders, and Robin Steiss attended the meeting.