Only In Wyoming Dubs The Best Place To Get A Mouth Watering Burger Cheap Is In Rock Springs


This may not have come as a surprise to some.

Broadway Burger in Rock Springs was recently dubbed the best place in Wyoming to get a mouth watering burger cheap by “Only In Wyoming” website.

The article raves about the fact this place specializes in homemade burgers at a cheap price, “and it’s not a fast food joint.”

See the full article and more photos here.

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Excerpt From Article:

A nice, juicy burger is the ultimate comfort food — if you can’t easily figure out what’s for dinner, a hamburger and fries inevitably hits the spot.

When you don’t feel like grilling out at home, there’s an overabundance of fast food restaurants that will happily fill your order, but a thin, defrosted patty on a squishy bun rarely satisfies your craving.

There’s one cool little burger stop in Wyoming, though, that serves an inexpensive burger that’s pretty close to perfect, and it’s no fast food joint.

There are specialty burgers on the menu, too, such as the teriyaki burger and the Smokey Sam which includes bacon, cheese, and barbecue sauce. Choosing your own toppings to build a burger is a scrumptious option, too.