Wyoming Range Mule Deer Research Expanded

Wyoming Range Mule Deer Research Expanded

PINEDALE — Game & Fish personnel from both the Jackson and Pinedale regions joined University of Wyoming researchers to recapture Wyoming Range mule deer as part of an ongoing study looking at the relationship between animal body condition and various environmental factors over time.

This seminal research was initiated in March, 2013 with the capture and collaring of 70 doe deer and these animals have been recaptured to evaluate body condition, among other things, both pre- and post-winter.

New this year, the study was expanded to include the capture and collaring of some bucks.

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It has been well-documented that buck deer both behave and utlize the landscape differently than does throughout the year.

This research will answer questions as to whether bucks follow the same migration routes, and timing, as the does.

Plus, it is no secret that the Wyoming Range is known for its trophy-class bucks and there is great interest in all aspects of their ecology.

Given that, researchers and managers decided this new “value-added” information to the study could be captured relatively easily.

Stay tuned for the results of this exciting new phase to this landmark research being done.