Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office Certifies Candidates for General Election Ballot

Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office Certifies Candidates for General Election Ballot

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office certified 136 state-level and 10 national-level candidates for the 2016 General Election Ballot.

Six candidates for President of the United States were certified, one from each of Wyoming’s major political parties: Constitution, Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican; as well as two candidates designated as Independent. Four candidates for United States Representative from those same major parties round out the national candidates certified.

The candidates for Wyoming State Legislature include 69 Republicans, 61 Democrats, two Constitution party members, and four candidates designated as Independent.

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“Now we are only 60 days out from the November 8th General Election, and we’ve officially certified the 2016 candidates for office to the county clerks. I am encouraging every citizen, especially our Wyoming youth who have historically not participated to a great extent in the voting process, to engage with the candidates we certified today, become informed, and get out and vote on November 8th,” said Secretary Murray.


Two independent presidential candidates successfully obtained the requisite number of signatures to be placed on the 2016 General Election Ballot in Wyoming: Jill Stein and “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente.

Four independent candidates for state legislature also obtained the necessary signatures from voters in their districts to be placed on the ballot: House District 24 (Sandy Newsome); House District 58 (Joseph Porambo); Senate District 6 (Kym Zwonitzer); and Senate District 18 (Cindy Baldwin).

“An impressive number of independent candidates for office submitted signature petitions to our office for validation and verification. Two of the three presidential candidates who submitted signatures obtained the necessary 3,302 valid signatures to qualify for placement on the general election ballot. One individual, Mr. Evan McMullin, failed to obtain the necessary number of valid signatures to qualify. Four individuals submitted petitions for state legislative office, and each was successful,” said Kai Schon, State Election Director.

Find a full list of those candidates certified here: list of candidates