Wyoming State Canvassing Board to Certify State-level Primary Election Results on August 24

Wyoming State Canvassing Board to Certify State-level Primary Election Results on August 24

CHEYENNE – Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray will chair the Wyoming State Canvassing Board on August 24th. The Board will meet to review the election results from across Wyoming, address any issues encountered, and certify as official the election results and the winning candidates from Wyoming’s Primary Election.

The Board will meet at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, August 24th in the Cottonwood Room at the Laramie County Library in Downton Cheyenne. Members of the Board are: Governor Matt Mead; Secretary of State Ed Murray (chairman); State Auditor Cynthia Cloud; and State Treasurer Mark Gordon.

The State Canvassing Board, will examine the results from all state-level races across the State, including two races in Laramie County where automatic recounts were necessary because of incredibly close votes. This election presented Wyoming, once again, with several examples of very close races determined by a few votes.

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Prompting Ed Murray to state: “Every vote does count!” The State Canvassing Board will review the following: precinct-by-precinct results; automatic recounts of races; the presentation of any write-in candidates for legislative office; and the winning candidates in each race. Election results and turnout information for the primary are available through the Secretary of State’s Office.

“Unofficial results indicate that 116,253 ballots were cast in the primary statewide. This means that only twentysix percent of Wyoming’s voting age population cast a vote. Although this is the best primary election turnout Wyoming has seen in a presidential election year since 2004, I think we still have a lot of work to do as a state to continue to educate our families, our friends, our neighbors, and especially our youth about the importance of voting,” said Secretary Murray.

The Secretary of State’s Office works closely with Wyoming’s 23 County Clerks in overseeing and administering Wyoming’s elections. Each county’s election results are first canvassed by county-level canvassing boards before being submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office. For a complete listing of Wyoming’s County Clerks, visit: https://soswy.state.wy.us/Elections/Docs/WYCountyClerks.pdf.