Wyomingites Can Now Gather in Groups of 25

Wyomingites Can Now Gather in Groups of 25

Governor Mark Gordon hosted a press conference on Wednesday, May 13, to discuss the state's modified COVID-19 public health orders.

CHEYENNE — Wyoming Public Health Order No. 2 has been modified to allow gatherings in groups of no more than 25 people in a confined area.

This order is effective Friday, May 15 and will extend through May 31.

Gatherings includes any spontaneous or planned, public or private, gathering of people within one room or confined space.

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Religious or faith-based organizations and funeral homes can now have gatherings of 25 people under the following restrictions:

  • Six feet distance must be kept between households before, during, and after services.
  • Reading materials, collection plates and communion trays must be passed out to individual attendees by the leaders/staff rather than passed between attendees.
  • Leaders/staff must be screened prior to gatherings.
  • Facilities must be cleaned thoroughly.
  • There shall be no exchange of food or drink, with the exception of communion, which shall be served in individual containers.
  • Staff must wear face coverings.

Dr. Alexia Harrist, State Public Health Officer, recommended all Wyoming residents wear face coverings in public to help protect fellow residents.

Gatherings at places such as hotels, livestock auctions, transportation for work, government businesses, military facilities, law enforcement, jails, relief facilities, residential buildings, grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and healthcare facilities are exempt from the order prohibiting gatherings of more than 25 people.

With the loosening of restrictions, Governor Mark Gordon said some risks are being taken. He said the virus is invisible, but “the virus is not gone”.

He said, though the state is modifying orders in ways they believe are safe, Wyoming residents are still going to be exposed to more risk as they begin going into public spaces more.

“I’m anxious today…we are loosening substantially,” Governor Gordon said. “Our citizens are at greater risk today than they were.”

The full modified public health order can be found here.