Young Gymnasts Off to a Competitive Season

Young Gymnasts Off to a Competitive Season

Photo courtesy Elissa Lewis

ROCK SPRINGS — Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and all the regulations that have gone with it, the Legacy Gymnastics Team has had a good competitive season thus far. They have all been working hard at learning new skills, learning new routines and improving their abilities overall.

The team this year consists of 19 girls ages 8 to 14. There are four level threes, ten level fours, two level fives, two level sixes and one level eight. Two of the girls competed at a lower level for their first one or two meets of the season, then gained their mobility score and moved up one level.

All of the girls are working towards earning an all-around score of 30.000 or higher to qualify for the Wyoming State meet in March. Over half the girls have already qualified.

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Each girls highest all-around score so far is as follows:

Level 3: Hailey Bennett – 29.900, Savanna Davies – 30.050, Bree Ruiz – 28.500, Makayla Werkele – 27.000

Level 4: Brianna Dale – 34.850, Olivia Davies – 32.550, Ryleigh Hawkins – 32.850, Emma Hudson – 28.150, Mabel Mathis – 31.000, Riley Meyer – 32.850, Abbi Scott – 27.700, Paige Tongate – 30.550, Carla Whitfield – 36.200 (Due to an injury sustained at the beginning of the season and recovery time, Aubrie Stanton has not been able to attend a meet)

Level 5: Blayke Daley – 33.350, Emily Schaefer – 33.180

Level 6: Scotlyn Dewitt – 33.350, Brooke East – 33.900

Level 8: Ava Andrews – 33.050

There are six more meets coming up in both Wyoming and Utah that the girls may attend before the state meet.

“We are very proud of the girls and all of their hard work this season,” Team and Recreational Coach Elissa Lewis said. “We are all excited to see what more they may accomplish in the next two months. Good Luck on all of your next competitions!”