YWCA and The Home Depot Team Up to Prevent Childhood Obesity

YWCA and The Home Depot Team Up to Prevent Childhood Obesity

SWEETWATER COUNTY– The Home Depot has partnered with YWCA of Sweetwater County to help initiate a new program aimed to prevent childhood obesity through educating kids about nutrition and physical activity.

“Thankfully, our local Home Depot has partnered with us to help kick off our new Learn, Grow, Eat & Go program. This program will benefit both the Early Care and Learning Center as well as service receivers who stay in the Shelter, YWCA is so appreciative of Home Depot and their employees,” said Kayla Mannikko, YWCA Development Director.

This program is a garden, nutrition, and physical activity intervention working to prevent childhood obesity. The children will learn about healthy foods, how to grow them, and how they can help others through their garden.

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These gardens will be planted and maintained by children 2-12 years of age. In the ECLC, older children will be partnered with the younger children in order to create a mentoring process throughout the Center. At the shelter, parents and children will be encouraged to help maintain the garden while spending outside quality time together.

Fresh fruits and vegetables will be collected by the children to eat as well as be donated as part of the School Aged Program community service project.